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Andrea has worked on a few of my horses, but Champagne gets the most attention. I love her calmness and attention to detail. This method is so calm and relaxing yet has a big impact. Champagne coliced  a couple years ago and had some residual soreness and with Andrea's work it is nearly non-existent.


It's amazing seeing the horses from their first treatment to now. They immediately relax when they see Andrea and I love learning the technique from her.

Amber Spencer

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I started having Andrea work on my horses several years ago.  I was at a race and my mare just felt a little off, I decided that I would schedule an appointment to have my mare worked on before the next run.  My mare immediately relaxed and when we ran the next day, she cut off a 1/2 second from the day before.  After that I became a firm believer and make sure that I schedule a routine session with Andrea as often as possible.  I have her work on my horses at least once a month, if not twice a month. 


About two years ago my mare sustained a bad knee injury and I wasn't sure she'd ever run again, but after several sessions and of course working with the vet, she is back and running!  Andrea and her machine have seriously made my horses feel amazing, heal faster, and it's something I can't thank her enough for!  Horses are athletes and without them feeling their best, we can't expect them to perform to the best of their abilities.  Andrea is amazing and I'm so glad to have her in my corner keeping my girls happy and feeling great!


Brandee Sessions

I have had several horses that Andrea has worked her magic on. With every treatment my horses always perform great, so I know they feel good!


I look at it the same as my body, sometimes it needs tweaking and a little extra care! The great thing about Andrea is she has her own massage business, so I totally trust her knowledge and experience to work on my horses!!

Rhonda Dansie


Advanced Equine Therapy gives my barrel horses the winning edge.


Andrea has expert knowledge in PEMF and Masterson massage. She is an experienced horsewoman who knows how to handle my horses with kindness.


For several years I’ve been using PEMF with huge successful results for myself and my horses.  I have chronic pain in my neck and shoulder from an old injury and PEMF treatments relieve pain and increase my arm mobility.  


My horses love their massage like treatments. For my young horses in training PEMF treatments relax sore muscles and reduce inflammation.
My older barrel horse Diablo gets sore in his Si Joint and back, the PEMF treatments keep him running hard and winning.


I’ve also used PEMF on tendon, ligament injury’s with amazing fast healing results.


Diablo and I give Advanced Equine Therapy five stars!!”

Edria Day


I am a firm believer that the therapy offered by Advanced Equine Therapy has not only kept my horses healthy but contributed to my success. The care Andrea and Jason have put into taking care of Foxy helped get us to 2 WNFR’s. 

The relationship Andrea has built with my horses is so reassuring. The Body Work and care Andrea puts into caring for all my horses has not only kept them feeling good but has given me piece of mind.
I value most of all the friendship that these horses and this therapy has provided us.

Kimmie Wall & Team TKW Horses

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