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Masterson Method®
Integrated Equine

Performance Bodywork


My passion for horses started at an early age with me sneaking away from the house to hitchhike rides on the horses that rode by my house.  I have had a strong connection with them and feel in many ways they are my life and my purpose.


As I entered the Equine Therapy practice my vision and practice has evolved into something even more than I had imagined.  I love working with horses to find good health and wellbeing along with the owners and supporting them in having happy healthy horses.  I decided to change my approach in 2021 to be more about the quality of what I offer and to bring more Masterson Method to the area.  My practice got so busy at the barrel racing events that I felt like it was more about quantity than education and quality.  That is what has fueled the shift this year to bring more of working with horses to be healthy and in optimal health to better perform and enjoy whatever activity they are involved with.  I also want to continue to learn and grow myself from the veterinarians, equine therapy practitioners and trainers that have similar visions.  This is an exciting time and I’m looking forward to the future and the opportunities that come with the call I have to work with horses.

I'm proud to hold the following:

BS degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry

Licensed Massage Therapy with an emphasis in NMT for 25 years

Certified Reiki practitioner for 20 years

Masterson Method Certified practitioner and Field Student Coach for Masterson Method

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